Resources of Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)



1.      Interview with Richard P. Kluft, MD (psychiatrist and prolific author in study of DID) who was consulted for the making of the Showtime series, United States of Tara.



4.      Chris Costner-Sizemore-first case study for DID and movie, Three Faces of Eve was based on her life. Below is an interview with Mrs. Costner-Sizemore on BBC News channel series "Hard Talk" on March 25, 2009:




My Life as a Dissociated Personality by Nellie Parsons Bean

When Rabbits Howl by Truddi Chase

Im Eve by Chris Costner-Sizemore

A Mind of My Own by Chris Costner-Sizemore

First Person Plural: My Life As A Multiple by Cru Gordon