Name: John R. Kraft
Rank: Assistant Professor of Psychology
Office Phone: 912-921-2084
Office Location: 223 Science Center
E-mail address:
kraft1.jpg (19510 bytes) Degrees: B.A. in Psychology, Northern Arizona University

M.A. in Psychology, University of New Hampshire

Ph.D. in Psychology, University of New Hampshire

Back to faculty page Courses Taught: General Psychology, Introduction to Psychological Research, History and Systems, Social Psychology‚ Psychology of Conflict and Stress, Industrial Organizational Psychology, Psychology of Work Behavior, Statistics
Area of Interest: Behavior Analysis, Behaviorism, Social Behavior, History of Psychology
Current Projects: The experimental analysis of human group choices and social interaction.
Turn-Ons: Intelligent students who want to learn, think, and create. Students who ask intelligent questions such as, "Isn't B.F. Skinner's description of behavior as selected by consequences analogous to the description of natural selection of species?"
Turn-Offs: Mentalism